What About Me

​What about Me?​

Why is it that most of us have forgotten the concept of “me-time?” 

I know I do! I get caught up with work, fitness, and the tasks of day to day life, and forget about myself. I’m not even a mom yet, but I suspect that “me-time” will get even harder to filter in when that phase of life comes about.

If you’ve been following along with my blogs and social media pages, you know that if something gets done in my life, it’s written down in the planner. If it’s not in there, consider it forgotten because ya girl’s not doing it. (Not remembering to do it is more accurate!)

Most planners focus on your daily tasks and to-do list. Many focus on fitness, school tasks, budgets etc. but one thing you don’t see is ME-TIME!

(Well… except the Kaleigh Duffy- Stay Beautifully Balanced Planner that is! Coming soon! *Shameless plug*.)


We are so busy. Everyone is busy. My least favorite excuse I hear from people is, “I’m sorry, I was so busy so…” dot dot dot. XYZ didn’t get done.

I am at fault for this too. I have definitely used “busy” as an excuse for missing a deadline, forgetting something, or some sort of reasoning as to why something didn’t get done. It’s hard not to.

The truth of the matter is though, THAT EVERYONE IS BUSY! Not just me, not just you…everyone.

It doesn’t matter if you have children, one job, two jobs, three jobs, are in school, or all of the above… everyone is busy. We all have things to do and times that they must be done by.

It’s how we handle the busy that counts.

Now don’t get me wrong… I know things come up. Things happen that throw us off our game and mess up the daily game plan, but I strongly believe that with proper planning, those days can become a huge rarity.

Why is it that we never hear, “Sorry, I was running late, I couldn’t put my new book down.”? Or maybe, “I’m on the way, sorry I was taking a bubble bath.”?

I’ll tell you why; it’s because those are terrible and inexcusable reasons.

Besides that though, who filters in time to do those things? I know I didn’t!

Why is that? Why is it that we make time to clean, cook, pick up Sally, get that project done at work, and go to the doctor, but things like getting a massage, taking a nap, crafting, or watching a good movie while drinking a bottle of wine don’t get added in?

Now, if you have the weekends off to literally do nothing, then that’s awesome! Maybe you don’t need to filter in extra time like that. If you have young kids though, I feel like “doing nothing” is still pretty freaking hard?

Nowadays, my hours are filled with work tasks, and there aren’t many free days where timing doesn’t matter, but I used to have that luxury. I had my weekends off and no real plan, but I still filled up all of my time?

I said yes to helping Jimmy at 8, getting brunch at 10 with Ashley, joining Brittany’s birthday party at 2, then I’d get in a quick workout, shower, and go to dinner at 5 with the family, after I’d clean up, and then  

I was exhausted.

“That sounds fun, Kaleigh? What’s your point?” It is fun! I love all of those people and all of those things and I regret none of them. What I do wish I did differently, is make more time for ME. Just me.

Why didn’t I? Because I felt guilty.

I can’t just sit and watch a movie without writing new ideas, working on my laptop, thinking, or being preoccupied with something else more “productive”. You guys know by now, that if I’m not careful, work consumes me.​​


So here’s what I did to fix it.

I took a long hard look at my schedule and my priorities. Almost eveything had a place except for ME. Yes, my workout time, and devotional time is MY TIME, but I needed something else. I needed time to be selfish.

I know all of you boss babes are BUSY, so the only way to get this time in, is to schedule it. Make an appointment with yourself, and make it a top priority. No more, “well, I guess I can just skip that and BLAH BLAH BLAH” This is a serious appointment that you cannot miss.

Trust me, you’ll thank me for this later.

So here’s what you need to do.

Turn off your phone. I know. It’s hard. Just do it.

Get out your current agenda. (& just imagine how much cooler your Stay Beautifully Balanced planner is going to be! *wink wink*)

Make sure all of your necessities are in. This means work, already planned appointments, the kiddos, and fitness.

Next, put in time to do your devotions and spend time with God. This is most important, but comes after the necessities because this can be done from anywhere, where getting to work on time cannot! You can pray, read The Bible, and study His word in the car, at work, while shopping, cleaning, on lunch, even on the toilet! So plan a time where you can spend time doing this. Maybe it’s only 5 minutes this day. That’s okay. Just plan it in.

Now, pick a me-time activity and plan it in. I’d like to say do this every day, but I know that’s not possible! Maybe start with once a month, or a week, depending on your schedule. Write that down. IN PEN.

Lastly, look forward to your date with your self and DO NOT BREAK IT! Stick with the plan and follow through.

At first, you may feel guilty taking time out of the day for yourself. You may not be able to fully enjoy this time because the pressures of your to-do list are weighing down on you. I encourage you to stick with this and KICK THAT FEELING TO THE CURB. Keep planning a “me-time” until you feel more and more comfortable doing it! You should never feel guilty for taking time for yourself.

DISCLAIMER: If you need to pick up little Sally from dance class and you decide to take a nap 30 min. beforehand, that’s not me-time, that’s irresponsible. If you maxed out your credit card, and take off work to go on a vacation, that’s not me-time, that’s irresponsible. But, every now and again, the dishes can wait. The laundry will be fine. Life will go on if you don’t go out with your friends one Friday night.


Here are some of my favorite “me-time” activities!

Money Required

Get a massage

Get your nails done


Craft/Art Project

Pick a new hobby/learn something new

Shopping spree

No/Little Money Needed

Take a nap

Watch a movie/Netflix binge

Go on a hike


Tan in the sunshine

Read a good book


Try a new recipe

What are your favorite me-time activities? Leave them for me in the comments!

Xo. Kaleigh.

P.S. This week we’ve got an awesome Self/Me Time related freebie. Check it out by clicking the image below and adding your email. I promise not to spam you! 

Self Freebie

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