Witchy Woman

I’ll be honest ya’ll, washing my face, and being choosy with what I use on my skin, has not always been a priority for me like it is now. 

​​Growing up. I didn’t struggle with acne any more or less than your average teenage girl. I had normal to dry skin, and I’d get your random pop up pimples, but for the most part, all was well. I don’t even remember really having a “face wash” that I clung to, other than just whatever was in the shower and that’s if I even washed my face at all. 

When I got older, my skin started to change, and I had acne more often than ever before. Add that to my sweaty workout routines, and it quickly became problematic. That is when I really started searching and researching products.

I am always on the lookout for new beauty supplies and things to add or improve my skincare routine. I came across one thing in particular, that is now the number one staple for my skin. 

If you only have ONE thing in your bathroom, it needs to be Witch Hazel. 

This product is honestly just a miracle in a bottle. Don’t worry, I am not affiliated with this company in any way, I just love their product! 

 As a toner, this product is amazing. It was drying enough to be a toner, but was VERY moisturizing at the same time. (Magic, I tell you!) It tightened my pores, but left my face super smooth. I use “Thayers- Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera Formula with Rose Water”. 
First of all, this product is CHEAP! You can get it at Target for seven bucks. I ordered off Amazon…(because well…addict), but I’ve seen this product in multiple stores and it’s always about the same price. 
​So, when I bought this. I was looking for a toner. It says “toner” on the bottle, so I’m assuming that that’s it’s main purpose. 

I started researching this ‘Miracle in a Bottle’ and starting using it more and more! 

In my daily morning routine, I wash my face, use my witch hazel toner, then follow it with a moisturizer. I typically have NO acne, and my skin tone is pretty even. This product also gives you that “glowy” look without wearing make-up so…that’s an added bonus. 

I’ve also used it…

As a make-up remover. (Yup… even mascara.)

A cleanser. 

I’ve just used it as a moisturizer after using a harsher toner. 

As a spot treatment for acne. 

To soothe razor burn.

To treat bug bites. 

As deodorant. (Not my favorite, but it works in a pinch.)

On cuts/scrapes. 

On dry skin/dry spots

When I went to Alaska on a little backpacking/road tripping adventure, I could only bring limited supplies. This was A MUST HAVE! I brought this, and because of it, I didn’t need so many other products that would be taking up extra space. This also comes in so handy on flights! 

I keep a little bit of this in my desk drawer, my purse, my car, my gym bag, basically everywhere! 

Aside from what I have used it for, the internet is filled with other magical uses and predicaments that witch hazel can solve.

I haven’t tried these, but here are the claims: 

Reduces Diaper Rash

Eliminates/prevents Stretch Marks

Heals Bruises

Reducing Swelling

Lessens Varicose Veins 

Shrinks Bags under the Eyes

Soothes Poison Ivy/Oak

Helps Ease Sun Burn 

…and literally so many more! 

Thayers Witch Hazel is alcohol, paraben, phthalate, and gluten free. Not to mention all of the benefits of rose water & aloe vera, I recommend purchasing this as soon as you get the chance!

Is there a product that you just HAVE to recommend to your friends? Leave me a comment below and I’ll let you know if I try it out!

xo Kaleigh

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