Let Me Get My Life Together First

Why can we never GET IT TOGETHER?! If I had a dollar for every time I’ve said “I need to get my life together” I’d be rich! Filthy stinkin’ rich to be exact. 

It’s true. Life is a never-ending cycle of to-do lists, plans, goals, and things that must get done.

“But, Kaleigh, I thought you LOVED those things?” 

I DO! But I can be honest. My lists, plans, and goals can be extremely overwhelming. (By overwhelming I mean curl up under my desk and hide or better yet, look at all 600 things on my list that each take over an hour to complete and instead binge watch Gossip Girl on Netflix. But then, good ole Serena Van Der Woodson becomes overwhelming because how are you ever going to have half of that carefree lifestyle if you don’t get back to work?)

And then repeat. Wash, rinse, & repeat. Every. Single. Day. It’s exhausting. How are we supposed to pay the bills, clean the house, be the trophy wife/girlfriend, stay in touch with the Man Upstairs, eat clean(ish), get in our workouts, parent the rugrats, excel in the workplace AND SHOWER all in one day??? UGHHHH. Oh to be 8 again! 

You guys know that feeling. I know it’s not just me. The moment where life caves in on you, your responsibilities are more than you can handle and instead of diligently working to get them done, you opt for the crying, popcorn, and doing nothing method. Some may argue that it helps. I may even be that “some” in the moment. Sure a little “forget you’re an adult for a few hours”-sesh can be quite relaxing, but it only turns into MORE WORK and being MORE BEHIND when it’s all said and done!

Ya’ll that’s no way live. Yes, it happens to everyone every now and again, and that is perfectly human. It’s hard not to get overwhelmed sometimes. But we have to put systems in place, and adopt everyday plans to help keep us in check. To help keep us moving along and achieving.

When we let everything start pancaking together, that is when we start failing… in everything. (Speaking from experience.) 

“Where do I start though Kaleigh? It’s hard to take on everything at once!”

You’re in luck boss babe! Not only am I creating a daily, lifestyle planner for you that is based on how I balance my own crazy life… I’ve created a kick off, 5 day challenge, to help us “Get It Together” without getting overwhelmed. 

Over the course of the 5-day challenge, we will be focusing on every aspect of life! We will analyze it and improve it! In 5 days, you will not only see a difference in your overall happiness and quality of life, but you will have jumpstarted some of your short and long-term goals! 

We will be working together to succeed, and I know that together, with other like-minded boss babes, we can do this! 

My life is not perfectly organized and easy. Your life is not either. No one’s is and guess what, it never will be! I’m not striving towards perfection, but a freedom from what holds me down. I’m striving to make improvements in every relationship I have from my faith, to my parents, to my boyfriend, to my staff and co-workers. I’m striving to improve my health, my home, and my SELF! I want to be financially stable, while excelling professionally, all while having the time to hop on a plane and explore this wonderful world. 

Is it possible? I think so! I know so!

Clink the image below to sign up for the Get It Together challenge! I’m going to be doing this right along-side you! I am so excited, and you guys are going to totally LOVE IT!

xo Kaleigh 


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