About Me | Kaleigh Duffy

Hi Babes. Kaleigh here. Allow me to officially introduce myself. I’m your typical 26 year old trying to “adult”, but at the same time, I’m not very typical at all. 

Growing up I always thought that 26 year olds were ‘adulty’ adults who had found that secret key to adulting and had it all together, but now I know that 26 year olds are mostly just pretending and we’re all still trying to figure it out too. Adulting is HARD. You don’t learn how to “adult” in school, but you totally should. Anyway, I’ve found a few tricks and tips to keep it all together in my own little way, so maybe they’ll help you too. 

I took a few left turns in life that lead me to where I am now, but I couldn’t be happier! I didn’t always choose the popular decision, or the logical decision, or even the smart decision. Sometimes I didn’t decide at all and I had to roll with the punches. In time, you all will get to know me as I share my experiences and ideas with you, but for now, I’ll let you take a peek inside my crazy life!​

I’m a Planner!

If there was one word to describe my life it would have to be, ‘BUSY’. I love being busy! If I’m not busy, I’m super bored. I like to pencil in time to shower, eat, and watch TV. I like every minute to be accounted for. With that being said, I also enjoy time where there is no plan. But, I like to plan the time, to have no plan! 

I’m the girl that gets super overwhelmed, SUPER fast, but for some reason I thrive under pressure! No I don’t have kids, so some may say I don’t know what busy is… but in a way I have over 300 children. (I just don’t have to do their diapers and such. I’ll explain that later.) I’d like to have kids one day. When? I’m unsure, but it sounds good in theory!

I went to college and quit because I was too busy with my job. I told myself I’d go back and finish, and sometimes I still say that, but I know I probably won’t. Even without a degree, I would consider myself one of the most successful people in the world. Is that because I’m a billionaire? (HA! No, sometimes I have about $5 in my checking account and an empty tank of gas.) I say that because I have found a way to work when I want to, and sit on my couch when I don’t. I have found a way to enter my field at the highest level you can. I get to pick my income, decide when I deserve a raise, decide who I work with and who I don’t. If I want to fly to the Bahamas tomorrow and work from the beach, I can. I don’t have to call out of work, and no one will ever fire me. I have found a way to do all of that, but the reason I consider myself successful is because if I WANT to be that billionaire, I can be. I can be anything I want to be, I just have to WORK FOR IT!



​You probably already guessed it, and you’re right! I decided to undertake the scariest, riskiest career of them all… Entrepreneurship. If you are an entrepreneur, I truly believe you are one of the most successful people on earth simply because your success is in your own hands. No one will tell you that you can only make X amount of money a year. The SKY is your only limit. Though I am so thankful for careers like teachers, doctors, and police officers, I could never see myself in any of those roles. (DISCLAIMER: Those roles are so important to life, and they make the world go around. Those individuals have to be so much more focused than me to choose one specific thing to do every day! Mad props to them, and from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! This world NEEDS you and could not survive without you.)

I on the other hand am far too scatter brained to pick one thing. So instead, I picked EVERYTHING! Although I LOVE the freedom that entrepreneurship brings me, it comes with a LOT of troubles! I am never guaranteed a paycheck, I don’t get to clock out at 5 pm and be done until the next day, anything that happens within my business is MY FAULT…good or bad…and that’s just to name a few.


Personal Life

​​Outside of work, I am pretty scattered as well! (Imagine that, right?) I love getting my nails done and being girly, just as much as I love hunting, camping, and fishing! I enjoy decorating, making DIY crafts, journaling my ideas, and exploring craft breweries!

I try to juggle my business, with my relationship with Jesus, my boyfriend, my friends, and my family all while not neglecting myself, and at times it is quite the challenge! At one point in my life, balancing was my greatest downfall. I quickly learned that without some sort of PLAN, I would surely fail in every aspect of life, and I did just that. My business was failing, my relationship with my boyfriend was in a downward spiral, I forgot all about God and his promises to us, my friends and family were neglected, and I myself was ignoring my own needs. I gained weight rather quickly, my skin became dull, my car and house looked abandoned, my passion hit an all-time low, and I found myself beaten, unsure of what was next or where to go from there.

With a little bit of organization and ambition, I dug myself out of that hole. I now have a balanced game plan for my life. I set goals for myself and crush them. If there’s anything that I would want you to remember today, it’s that, “you can’t pour from an empty cup.”

I’d love it if you’d give this post a comment or share it on social media so that others can see it! You guys rock!

Xo. Kaleigh.



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