Fort Rollins: Kaleigh’s Sleep Synopsis

Welcome to Kaleigh’s Sleep Synopsis!

Here you’ll get an honest review of where I doze & dream. From hostiles, shacks, lodges, and resorts, I’ll tell you where to book, and when to stay home.

The Basics 

Slumber Spot: Fort Rollins Bed & Breakfast

Town: Rollins, MT

Reason to Dream: My boyfriend and I were on vacation to Montana, and wanted to explore Flathead Lake. This B&B was right on the lake, and only 2 hours from our next stop, Missoula, MT, so it was the perfect fit.

Booking Method: Airbnb

Link:  (Search Fort Rollins Bed and Breakfast) 

Shelter Type: Cabin

Price per Sleep: $150

Book or Stay at Home: BOOK

The Look

The Deets

First Impression: I’ll be totally honest, when I booked this, I just needed a place to sleep, it was affordable in comparison to the area, and looked cute online, so I booked it without much thought. When we arrived, and Jason walked down to greet us, HOLY COW! He gave us a tour and we both just totally fell in love. This was our FAVORITE stop during our entire trip. Fort Rollins B&B could not make a better first impression. 

Friendly Faces: This location is owned by couple Jason and Andrea. They are literally so cute and you can just tell that hospitality is in their blood. Jason’s tour was so heartfelt, he told us the history of the property, shared stories about his grandfather, and really let us into his life. We felt like family. (Side note, he ended up having a lot in common with Josh, and they both enjoy woodworking. The kitchen table in the dining room here, Jason built. It’s beautiful.) 

Location: The location was the main reason we booked this place, so this gets an A++. It is RIGHT on the lake, close to local shopping and breweries, and convenient for a roadtrip like we were doing. At the same time, this place is secluded and private. It’s checks off all the boxes.

Amenities: So, unlike other bed & breakfasts, where everyone stays in the same building, this is a little more private. On their property, they have multiple cabins, and one “main lodge”. You sleep in your private cabin, but can venture to the beautiful lodge whenever you want. In the main lodge you get access to bikes you can take out, a pool table, lake floats, multiple seating areas with awesome views, etc. Outside there is a fire pit, a cute bar area, a basketball hoop, and multiple lounge chairs that will make you never want to leave. With this booking, you also get FREE kayak, SUP, or canoe rentals that will get you out on the water, and get this y’all… there is a zip line!!!

Comfort: I’ll just say this about comfort, when we left Fort Rollins B&B, we felt true sadness as if a piece of us was being left behind. Not to mention, they served up a banging breakfast with the best french toast I’ve ever had. (I eat a lot of french toast, so you can trust me.) The cabins are stocked with microwaves, a fridge, a loft for extra guest, a kitchen table, a cooking area, sink, and you even get access to a private grill if you want to make your own dinner. Oh & they supply awesome toiletries too! 

Cleanliness: A++. Super clean and perfectly prepared for guests. 

Instagrammable: If you love Instagram, this is the place for you. There are zillions of photo opportunities at all times of the day. 

Nearby Eats: We ventured to a place called, “The Tamarack Brewing Company.” It was delicious, right next to a beautiful river, and had outdoor and indoor seating. Jason made us this recommendation, but they also supply menus in the cabins with multiple other nearby restaurants. 

Words of Wisdom: I struggle to even have a recommendation for this place, but the ONLY and I mean the ONLY thing I would change here, is that the shower in the cabin is quite tiny. Now, I know with how the roof and plumbing is put in, this is probably unchangeable, but you guests should definitely take note, that it will be difficult to stand up tall in the shower. I am 5’8” and had to crouch down so my head didn’t hit the ceiling, and had to crouch lower to get the water to flow on my head for shampooing! 

Oh, and I’d never turn down a hot tub experience with those lake views! 😉 

Overall…. In conclusion, BOOK! Book right now and stay longer than we did!

You can find more information about this trip including my full itinerary on my blog post here!


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