Leaning Tree Campground Sleep Synopsis

Welcome to Kaleigh’s Sleep Synopsis!

Here you’ll get an honest review of where I doze & dream. From hostiles, shacks, lodges, and resorts, I’ll tell you where to book, and when to stay home.

The Basics 

Slumber Spot: Leaning Tree Campground

Town: Babb, Montana.

Reason to Dream: My boyfriend and I went on a wild wild west vacation to Montana! We were looking for an affordable place to stay that was close to the St. Mary Visitor center at the start of the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park. 

Booking Method: Airbnb

Link: https://www.airbnb.com/c/kaleighd249?currency=USD  (Search Leaning Tree Campground)

Shelter Type: Shed

Price per Sleep: $150/Night

Book or Stay at Home: Book

The Look

The Deets

First Impression: So after we drove for miles with no service, Google Maps, or any signs of civilization, I was very excited when we finally arrived. My first impression of this campground was “WOW HOW CUTE!” You can tell this campground is small, quaint, and home-run, which WE LOVED! (Love entrepreneurs!)  They had multiple cabins, a cafe, and even a teepee! How cool?

Friendly Faces: The check in process here was non-existent. When you book on Airbnb, they tell you how to find and get in to your particular cabin/shed. We went in to the “lobby/cafe” anyway just to say hi, let them know we arrived, and get any info that we were missing. The lady who spoke with us was very sweet, informative, and laid back. 

Location: In order to talk about the location of this cabin, you have to take into context where you are and why. If you were looking for a remote getaway, you got it! If you were looking for an active town with multiple options, you would not like this location! With that being said, this shed was only 10 minutes from the St. Mary Visitor Center, which exactly what we wanted! There aren’t many food, gas, or store locations nearby, but you have access to the essentials. This location was perfect for what we wanted!

Amenities: There are no added amenities at this location.

Comfort: While small, the comfort level here is HIGH. The heaters are all “plug in” heaters, and we stayed warm all night. However, there is no in-house plumbing. There are many outhouses throughout the property for easy access, and a community bath house with toilets, a shower, and running water. For us, this was totally fine. We are used to camping and being outdoors. There is a microwave, fridge, table, a fan, and even a loft to house 2 extra guests. This shed is stocked full of comfy blankets, pillows, that made for an excellent night. The most “uncomfortable” thing about this campground was that we saw a mountain lion about a football field away! (Haha! A little nerve racking at first, but honestly this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and we are SO HAPPY that we saw a mountain lion on the first day of our trip!)

Cleanliness: 10/10 on the cleanliness scale! Cleanest campground I ever been to for sure!

Instagrammable: Very Instagrammable! This shed is filled with colorful tribal type blankets, beautiful wood, neutral chairs, mirrors, and awesome rugs! The lighting is also great!

Nearby Eats: Not too many options, but again, we chose to stay in this town and we knew what we were getting in to! I mentioned in my blog post itinerary that we didn’t love the restaurant we ate at. I fully regret not eating here at the cafe! We saw some of the plates coming out of the kitchen and IT LOOKED SO GOOD!

Words of Wisdom: My advice to Leaning Tree Campground, would be to eliminate the $5.00 charge for a shower! I feel like for a $150.00 campground spot in a shed, a shower can be thrown in for free! Another ask would be, if possible, provide wifi to your guests! For us, being so far out of the way, and traveling in an unknown place, easy access to Google Maps for planning purposes would be super helpful. (In this case, I can see charging for wifi before I can see charging for a shower!)

Overall…. In conclusion, BOOK!

You can find more information about this trip including my itinerary on my blog post here!


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