What To Do When You Totally Fell Off the Wagon, Screwed up Your Diet, and Accidentally Ate an Entire Pack of Oreos…or 2.

Has anyone else done this? No, just me? Or maybe it was your mother’s sister’s best friend’s dog? Okay this post is for them! 😉

  1. Breathe! We have ALL been there. Dieting is a LIFESTYLE and it is impossible to be 100%, 100% of the time. Did you take it a little too far? Yes. Maybe you took “cheat meal” to “cheat week”, and while not ideal… it happens, just get back to your routine asap and it’ll all be okay.
  2. Do not go to desperate measures. You don’t need an expensive cleanse, or any kind of flat tummy magic tea. Don’t punish yourself with disgusting laxatives and surely don’t starve yourself. You don’t need to restart your life or hit the reset button on your entire outlook. Just KEEP GOING. 
  3. Drink water. This one is obvious. Fuel your body with some H2O. A gallon a day will help boost your metabolism. 
  4. Speaking of boosting your metabolism, try eating 5-6 smaller meals a day, every 2-3 hours. You can also add an apple cider vinegar shot to your morning routine. (Bonus points if you add cinnamon and cayenne pepper to your shot, good girl moonshine recipes are everywhere and they are delicious. All of these things are known to boost your metabolism.)
  5. Eat raw. You’ll feel a lot better after a mess up by eating raw, natural, unprocessed foods for a few days. 
  6. Get moving. Go sweat it out! Take yourself on a walk, take an extra class at the gym, and get your heart rate up. 
  7. Make a plan. Use your Stay Beautifully Balanced planner to update your meal and exercise plans, and then stick with them. Hold yourself accountable. If you don’t have a Stay Beautifully Balanced planner, you can get one at here!
  8. Decrease your calorie intake for a day or two. If you normally cut 200 calories from your normal intake, try cutting 300 for a few days. However, never eat under 1200 calories a day. 
  9. Get enough protein. This will help you feel full and will help ensure that you don’t fall off the wagon again!
  10. Meditate. Do some yoga, go outside, clear your mind and remember “your why.” Set your intentions and before every choice you make, ask yourself, “Will this help me reach my goals?” You can also reward yourself for a job well done with non-food rewards! Food is not a reward, food is a necessity. 

Good luck and remember to not beat yourself up about a little mess up! It happens!
If you have a good tip for bouncing back after messing up your diet, please share it with us all in the comments. 

XO Kaleigh


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