7 Things to do When You’re at Financial ROCK BOTTOM.

I’ve been here. I think most have. Desperate times call for desperate measures. 

These seven things can also be used when you’re saving for something specific, or trying to pay off a debt in record time… 

  1. Head over to your closet…
    I bet you (like me) have plenty of clothes that don’t fit you, you don’t wear, aren’t in style, and are just taking up space! SELL THEM! Check out consignment stores, FB Marketplace, Craigslist, Poshmark…. A quick Google search will give you more than enough ideas on how to do this. (& why stop with clothes? Move on to kitchen supplies, your garage, old appliances or laptops, host a yard sale… This is an excellent way to make some fast cash, while simultaneously decluttering your life!)  
  2. Eat the SAME THINGS…
    I didn’t say this would be glorious, but it works! Get a jar of peanut butter, some off brand jelly, a loaf of cheap bread and BOOM, you have lunches and dinners all set! Rice, spaghetti, and potatoes are all cheap options that you can buy and a little bit goes a long way!
  3. Cancel everything.
    Subscriptions. Things that draft your account monthly, nix all of that. You can workout at home for a while, you can run on the road, you can deal without miniature beauty supplies or a new dog toy every month. Cut the things that you DON’T NEED! 
  4. Get a ‘cash back’ credit card.
    I bet you didn’t think a CREDIT CARD would be on the list, huh? If you have no self control, skip this one. But, if you can limit your spending and be responsible, LET YOUR MONEY WORK FOR YOU! I recommend Discover IT. Just use your card on things you’re going to be buying anyway like gas, groceries, bills. This card even offers you $50 FREE when you sign up through a referral, and then $50 again when you refer someone else. (Which is what I’m doing right now… go to https://refer.discover.com/s/jjwxvf)  Reach out if for some reason that doesn’t work and I can get you a code to your direct email! Who doesn’t want $50?

5. Start a Side Hustle
Everyone has a talent! What’s yours? Why not make money from that? Use Etsy to sell handmade items, create decor, make soap, create graphics for businesses to use on social media, walk dogs, dogsit/house sit, draw pictures, create websites, clean houses…. You have endless opportunities. 

6. Get a new car
This doesn’t apply to everyone! But, if your car is in pretty good shape, you can more than likely trade it in, get a car of much lesser value (that is still safe and reliable) and pocket the rest of that cash! If you really are feeling like you’re drowning, and you have a car payment sucking the life out of you, go get your car assessed and weigh your options. Cars are just “things”. Things that lose value instantly. A nice car in no way defines you, and as long as you are driving something safe and reliable…who cares right? Trade that baby in and eliminate or lessen a monthly bill. 

7. Drop your Pride

I guarantee your local McDonalds is hiring and I’m also willing to bet you don’t work 24 hours a day at your normal job. There is no shame in doing what needs to be done, to better yourself and your family. With that being said, I am a HUGE advocate for not trading time for money. I am a HUGE advocate that your time and experiences are worth far more than any dollar sign you could ever be offered.. Money is not everything. But, money is a necessity to live life. If that means you have to temporarily trade time for money, in a job that doesn’t bring you joy, spend your evenings or early mornings working your butt off, and you have to put your experiences and future dreams aside to put food on your table, and keep your lights on… DO THAT! It’s not forever, it’s just a quick fix to get back up on your feet. 

Xo Kaleigh

P.S. Have more ideas? Leave them in the comments for others!


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