5 Tips for Intermittent Fasting (For Beginners)

If you’re reading this, I’m willing to bet that you…. 

  1. Have done your research and are ready to give this a shot! However you either feel like it’s going to be nearly impossible, or easy as pie. (Either way, you’re wrong.)


  1. You tried intermittent fasting and you failed, and now you’re here for tips. 

Here goes… 

  1. Stop watching the clock.
    This was my BIGGEST downfall when I first started IF. I’m a numbers person, a records person, a goal oriented person. I watched the clock like a hawk for when I could finally eat. This made my days 100x longer, and it made me feel 100x hungrier. After all, a watched pot never boils. 

2. Stay Busy.
IF is much harder when you are having a lazy day. Often times I have to ask myself, “Are you really hungry right now? Or are you just bored?” Try to stay busy and on the move! When you have a lot of downtime is when you’re going to reach for a bag of potato chips. 

3. Stay Hydrated.
Fill up on water during the day. This will also help you not have headaches while your body is adjusting to IF. Drink lots and lots of water all day. I suggest getting a “fun” water bottle or something interactive like a Camelback. (If you need one: https://amzn.to/2HQPoQF ) The “bite and suck” straw gives you something to do when you’re not eating. Sounds silly, but we are creatures of habit.

4. Cut the Artificial Sweeteners.
Not only are these not good for you, and not good for weight loss in general, but they can push you out of a fasted state. (So yes, the Diet Coke I’m addicted to, will literally defeat the purpose of me intermittent fasting in the first place.) These artificial sweeteners will also make you have cravings and will make it harder for you to last until the end of your fast. 

5. Plan a Banging First Meal
Have a delicious meal that you can look forward to! If you fast for hours, and then you are faced with a lousy meal, you will be much less likely to keep up this routine! Take the time to create yummy and healthy meals for your meal times.

Have a tip that’s worked for you? Share with us in the comments!


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