10 Unique Date Ideas

Whether you are planning a first date and want to steer clear of the “dinner and a movie” routine, or you have been in a long relationship and are looking to spice it up, here are some of my favorite unique date ideas!

1. The Movies
Kaleigh, you literally just said no movies. Yes, I know, but a DRIVE IN MOVIE is such a game changer! No drive-in theater near you? Make one! Hang a sheet outside and use a projector! The extra effort will go a long way. (Oh, and here’s a reasonable projector from Amazon. https://amzn.to/2UJiI0Y )

2. Day Trips
I loooovvveeee day trips! Roadtrip out from home a few hours, explore a new area, and roadtrip right back! Make stops along the way, try new restaurants, you can’t go wrong!

3. Recreate a First Date
Okay, this one is for those who have been dating for a while. Think back to your first date, get in the feels and bring the butterflies back by recreating that special day.

4. Recreate a Movie Date
Does your significant other LOVE a certain movie? From Disney to romantic comedies, how cute is that!? I’m thinking Lady and the Tramp Spaghetti night? 😉 

5. Escape Room
Talk about being forced to work together. This date will not only force you to improve your teamwork and communication skills, but I guarantee you’ll be laughing the night away and having a fun time searching for clues.

6. Be a Tourist
Find a new appreciation for your town, by being a tourist! Tour a local winery or brewery, take a food tour right where you live!

7. Photoshoot
Don’t knock it ‘till you try it! Go on a little photo scavenger hunt, and/or take photos of each other! Go to the town, go on a hike, this is fun and a great way to capture memories. 

8. Couples Massages
A pricier idea, but you can treat yourself every now and again! Relax and melt away the worries of the world. 

9. Do something SCARY and NEW
Nothing brings people together more than going outside of your comfort zone together. This may mean horseback riding, white water rafting, singing karaoke, or zip lining… I don’t know! Pick something you’ve never both never done before and experience a new first together!

10. Get Crafty
Build something together, repurpose some furniture, paint, you name it! If you’re not feeling very creative, go to any craft store and you’ll find lots of ideas.. And when in doubt… TIE-DYE! 

I hope you enjoyed these date ideas! Let me know if you try any of them and tell me your favorites in the comments. 


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