5 Things to Think About When You’re Financially Struggling…

Maybe the title of this should have read, “5 Things to Think About When You THINK You’re Financially Struggling…”

This blog is not for someone who has fallen on hard times, has emergency medical bills piling up, or is homeless and living on the street etc.…. 

This blog is for your typical, everyday, run of the mill adult who has a place to live, food to eat, works a job, and feels like their pockets are empty. 

  1. Are you budgeting?
    Okay. This one seems obvious. However, so many people that complain and stress over the fact that their purses are running low…. Don’t even know the answers to simple questions. If I ask you, “How much are your total monthly bills?”, or “How much do you make a year?”, or “What do you spend on food per month?” you should have a very quick and fairly accurate range for me. Budgeting is the KEY to not overspending. Sit down with a notebook and pen, get all of your numbers out on paper. That’s the only way to see where you are and make changes. 
  2. Are your priorities in order?
    Apologies if this blog post is overly blunt or harsh. No one wants to think that the reason they are low on funds is THEIR OWN FAULT, but often times, it 100% is! I’m allowed to say this, because I know what it’s like first hand to not know where your next meal is coming from. Take a look at your fingernails… are they freshly manicured? Do you grab a coffee on your way to work everyday? Do you use your gym membership enough to validate paying for it? Did you know your $1000 dollar phone works just as well as one that is half the cost? Are you taking off work unnecessarily? Are you planning a beach vacation, but are not sure how you’ll pay your mortgage this month? Get. Your. Priorities. In. Order. 
  3. Have you defined a “need” versus a “want?”
    All it takes is packing in a carry-on, or a simple camping trip, to realize how very little you need to live, and even more so to be happy. If you think a big house, with beautiful decorations, and granite countertops will make you happy… you are wrong. (Let me rephrase. Might granite countertops make you happy? YES. Are they a NEED in order to be happy? NO. If you answered yes, I suggest doing some come-to-Jesus-soul searching.) I’m not suggesting that you become a hard core minimalist and live out of your car, but I do suggest that you look around your home and your life and pick out which of these things do you REALLY NEED? Chances are, you don’t need 88 tupperware containers, 22 sets of sheets, and billion dollar candles. 
  4. There is money EVERYWHERE!
    When times are tight, try not to get discouraged. There is money EVERYWHERE! You are not a tree, you are not stuck. You can always, always, always, make more money. 
  5. You have the same 24 hours in your day as Beyonce….
    Same goes for Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, and.. you get the point. Sounds harsh… but “Luck” doesn’t exist. Hard work exist. Dedication exist. Having a vision and a goal and a plan… that exist. Having financial freedom is possible for every single person, including you! 


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