Long Hair Don’t Care

Long Hair, Don’t Care

This is my life: Has long hair, thinks about chopping it off. Chops it off, wishes I had long hair.

Lucky for me, my beautiful mother is a licensed cosmetologist.

Shameless Plug for Mom:
Carma Duffy

Hair Gallery


I interviewed good ole mom, and some of her co-workers, to find some of the best ways to grow your hair out!

1. Keep it Healthy 

That’s right! It seems easy, but broken, damaged hair, won’t grow as fast. 

2. Take your Vitamins
Find a good Hair, Skin, & Nails vitamin, or a prenatal vitamin and take once daily. 

3. Limit Getting your Hair Colored
Refer to #1. Getting my hair colored is for sure a guilty pleasure of mine, and something most gals do! I don’t think they’re saying “never get your hair dyed”, but instead, get your hair done only in the appropriate time frame and don’t over do it!

4. Limit Heat
Lay off the curling irons, hair straighteners, and blow dryers every once in a while and go “au naturel.” 

5. Brush 100 Strokes a Day
An oldy but a goody! This stimulates circulation and improves the rate of hair growth.

6. Rinse in Cool Water
This closes the cuticle.

7. Get Regular Haircuts
Again, refer to #1. Keep your hair healthy, don’t let the dead ends consume you, and stay on top of your regular trims.

8. Hair Masks
Disclaimer, this isn’t proven, but egg, avocado, or mayonnaise hair masks have been said to increase the rate of your hair growth!

I stay on top of this by checking off my health check-mark each day in my Stay Beautifully Balanced Planner. It keeps me accountable and gives me a helpful reminder to stay on top of my beauty routine!

Do you have any tips for hair care? Leave me a comment.

xo Kaleigh


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